Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy everything or are you only interested in the high value cards?

We will buy everything. That’s one of the most significant differences between us and the auctioneers. If you have a PSA 9 Jordan Rookie, you’ll have no problem finding someone to buy it or auction it. The BBCM difference is not only will. we pay the most for your PSA 9 Jordan Rookies, we’ll buy your raw 86-87 Set, your raw Montana Rookies, your 1955 Topps commons in VG/EX condition and anything else you want to sell. Good luck getting one of the large auctioneers to come to your house with a truck and buy everything.

How will I get paid?

We will pay you anyway you like. Bank Wire, Bank Check, Zelle and in some cases CASH. We say in some cases because if it’s a $200K collection, we can’t pay in cash. When we come you buy your collection, you get paid, in full, before the cards leave your hand. There are no consignments, no 1/2 up front 1/2 when we sell. You get 100% of the mutually agreed upon price.

How quickly can a deal be completed?

After an initial call, Mike can drive/fly to your location, usually within a couple days. We’ve purchased $100K+ collections with a turnaround time of less than a week. If you’re local to one of our locations, you can get paid the same day.

How do I know I'm getting full value for my collection?

This is a frequent question from clients who’ve inherited a collection from their Dad. We’ll spend time explaining how we arrive at prices and show you how you can lookup and price cards using Ebay. Many clients who haven’t been in the hobby, look on Ebay and see a high asking price for a card graded PSA 10. They have the same card, ungraded, in worse condition and believe the pricing is similar. You can look at our, or PSA’s grading guide, to get an idea of your card’s condition.

How Do I Look Up The Value Of A Card

Many people who inherit collections ask this question. The best way to determine the value of your card is to look it up on Ebay. Here’s where people are misled.

1 – They look at asking prices instead of “Sold” prices. People cna ask anything they want, often, it’s 2x or 3x what the selling price is.

2 – They look at graded card prices. Graded cards are cards that collectors pay to have graded. Usually by PSA. If you’re card is not in a holder that says PSA, SGC or Beckett, it’s most likely not graded. Many novices think that their ungraded card will grade a PSA 10. If that was the case, people would be an ungraded card for $20, send it into PSA, get a 10, and then have a card worth thousands. Obviously, this doesn’t work. When looking up values, find a card that sold that most closely resembles your card

Are Beckett Prices Reflective of the Actual Value

For higher value cards, Beckett has prices that can accurately indicate their value as long as you adjust for the condition. If your card has corner wear, it’s not Nm/Mt. For lower value cards, Beckett doesn’t reflect the market. For example, we get collectors who enter 5,ooo cards into Beckett’s system and it tells them the value is $10,000 or an average of $2 per card. A $2 card has little to no value. It’s not worth the effort for a dealer to sell it. We do not know any dealer who buys $2 cards.