To Grade Or Not To Grade?

High Value Cards
Getting your more valuable cards graded at PSA is worthwhile. When any dealer (including myself) is buying cards, we’re not sure what grade the card will receive. The dealer I know who used to work for PSA routinely cracks cards out of the PSA holders and re-submits them. Sometimes he re-submits a valuable card 4 or 5 times before he gets the grade he expects. As you know, on some cards, a single grade variance (let’s say a 7 to an 8) can mean a lot of money. Let’s take the case of an ungraded 1986 Fleer Jordan Rookie. As of Feb 2021, a PSA 7 goes for around $11K but an 8 goes for around $20K. A dealer can’t assume they’ll get an 8 so they have to pay based on a 7 (Assuming it looks like an 8). We strongly suggest you get high dollar value cards graded. You remove the uncertainty and you’ll usually get more money for your card.

 Cards With issues
For high dollar value cards, we can advise you on which grading company to use. PSA has qualifiers like; off center, print defect, stain and others. Beckett and SGC don’t. There can be a significant difference in price bases on the grading company you choose for a card that has issues.

Low to Medium Value Cards
At this time, PSA grading might not be your best option for lower value cards. PSA is running a large backlog. Unless you pay for premium service ($50+ per card), the current turnaround time is 9+ months. Many collectors don’t want to wait that long to sell. That’s a situation that’s a perfect fit for us. We’ll buy your $50 – $1000 cards ungraded and are perfectly happy waiting 9+ months to get the cards back from PSA.