We Pay the Highest Prices

This isn’t just hype. Mike, Jeff and I have been buying collections for a combined 100+ years. We can count on our hands the number of times we’ve been outbid on large deals. There are structural reasons for this.

1 – We don’t run auctions or flip collections to other dealers. We set a fair price for our cards and are willing to wait 6 months, a year, or more to get that price. That means we can and will pay the HIGHEST PRICE on most items we buy.

2 – Many dealers have a limited capital base. They have to sell deals they buy in order to have funds to buy the next deal. My main business is managing equity assets. We have an almost unlimited capital base and work hard to maximize the value of the collections we purchase regardless of the time it takes.

3 – We have to knowledge and experience to accurately value your collection. Jeff is an encyclopedia of cards. He’s bought and sold almost every Tobacco card, Goudey Card, Regional Set, Proof Set, insert card, Pin, Poster, Yearbook, Autograph, Venezuelan card and anything else you might have. In many cases, if a dealer is unfamiliar with an item, they mark it as zero. That never happens with us.

4 – We have a large base of collectors who are looking for unique items. If we have a buyer looking for a particular item, we will pay more since our cost of selling the item will be minimal. For example, as of 6/1/22, we have a buyer for PSA graded 1952 Topps Mantles. Our client is looking for lower graded cards. We can pay $30K for a PSA 2.

5 – Many local dealers don’t have the resources or markets to pay high prices. Recently, a collector went into his local hobby shop in MA. He had bought cards from the owner many years ago. His showed him 50, high end, PSA graded cards. The store owner told him he was going to make him a generous offer. That offer was $15K. Fortunately, he had done some research and knew that was very far from a generous offer. He called us and we paid him $45K for those 50 cards as well as purchasing the rest of his collection. Eric from MA is pictured on our recent deals page.


About Baseball Card Market

My partners (Jeff Weisenberg and Mike Parness) and I have been buying card collections for a combined 100+ years. Over those years, we’ve bought some very large and complex collections worth many millions. We can help you maximize the value of your collection. In some cases, that means getting your high dollar value cards graded before you sell them.

We are different from many other dealers because of our capital base. We don’t need to sell a collection at a discount in order to get the money to buy another collection. We sell cards for retail. We never flip a collection to another dealer. Almost 100% of our buyers are collectors. That allows us to pay more for collections. It is very rare that another dealer will outbid us, but we encourage you to get multiple offers. Competition keeps us sharp.

If you have a large, valuable collection, we can come to you. We can wire money to your account or bring you a certified check. If you have cases of cards, we’ll bring a truck and do all the loading.

We’ve bought collections from many large collectors, dealers and even closeouts from major card companies. To my knowledge, all have become satisfied customers. Referrals are a good part of our business and we work hard to keep them coming.

We have locations in NY/NJ, MA, FL and seasonal in CA. My partner, Mike, travels all over the US for large deals.

Please note, at this time, we are only buying large collections. We do not buy 1980 - 2020 Baseball, Football or Hockey cards that are not graded.

I look forward to working with you.

Doug Koval

Baseball Card Market